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Experiencing Hope Through Unconditional Love

The first day of the conference was intense as we learned about the reality of how internet pornography is affecting people and families. We learned about addiction, how the brain changes, and the damage done to relationships. Many moving testimonies were shared.

It would be easy to feel discouraged and lose hope, but that didn’t happen at the High Noon Summit. In an atmosphere of God’s unconditional love, the reverberating message was one of understanding, acceptance and support for one another. There were no gloomy faces, although the topics were serious and everyone felt a genuine heart of concern and a desire to find solutions.

The first day ended with a very special healing meditation facilitated by Crescentia DeGoede, and prayers offered by Crescentia and Pastor John Jackson. The love of God was palatable, many tears were shed, and hope was renewed. In the video above, Crescentia shares the intention behind this special session; and the video below will give you a small taste of the experience.



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