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A Volunteer Shares His Thoughts

University of Nevada, Las Vegas student, and CARP member, Ginny Fleshin, says this issue is personal for most college students. Everyone is affected by it in some way. Everyone has to battle with the temptation that confronts their sexual integrity.

He talks about the significance of holding the High Noon Summit in “Sin City”, the place that’s known around the world for it’s adult themed content. He is grateful and proud that the Unification Movement is taking a stand on this issue and creating a platform for open dialogue.

CARP offered a team of 9 volunteers to help at the Summit. They worked the registration and book tables, sold T-shirts and caps, ushered, and generally supported staff by doing odd jobs. Their help made the program run smoothly and created an atmosphere of caring.

Pure Mind Online will continue to support college students and others in the fight to overcome porn and create a life of sexual integrity. The High Noon Summit is just the beginning of spreading awareness and empowering people. The Summit produced 21 new Sexual Integrity Mentors who are currently in training, and many other initiatives are being launched. Volunteers are always needed to keep the momentum going.

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The High Noon Summit is an initiative of the Blessed Marriage Project, an independent 501(c)(3) public charity.