You know pornography is a problem, but you don't know what to do about it.

The High Noon Summit at IPEC in Las Vegas is for concerned Unificationists who want to work together to create solutions.

Sponsored by the Blessed Marriage Project in partnership with FFWPU Blessing and Family Ministry, we invite your participation.

The Summit features guest speakers like:

  • Mike Leahy from Braveheart Mentoring Solutions for Sexual Integrity
  • Sam Black from Covenant Eyes
  • Dawn Hawkins from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation
  • Clay Olsen from Fight the New Drug
In addition, we’ll be hearing from our own Kevin Thompson, Marjorie Buessing, John Williams, David Wolfenberger, Andrew Love, and many new faces who are taking up arms to face off against porn, care for strugglers and their loved ones, and create a culture of freedom and sexual integrity within our blessed family community.


  • Raising our children to confront the sexualized culture
  • Panels on the Problem of Porn in our Church, Addiction & the Brain, and Solutions
  • Live testimonies about addiction and recovery
  • Support for spouses
  • Pastor and leader challenges
  • Legal victories in society

Who This Is For

  • Pastors
  • Youth Pastors
  • Youth Leaders
  • Blessing & Family Ministry Representatives
  • Matching Supporters
  • Strugglers who want to help themselves and others
  • Parents, spouses and those looking to get engaged who want to know how to better address this issue
  • Members who want to learn how to deal with this issue in their community

What You’ll Gain from the Summit

  • A new awareness about this issue, its impact, and what to do
  • Tools and strategies to help with this issue in your family and community
  • A deeper understanding of how to practice purity and sexual integrity
  • Insights on how to raise your children to respect their sexuality, and naturally save sex for marriage
  • A vision of what a community of “high noon settlement” would look like
  • A network of like-minded people to support you in implementing what you learn.

The Blessed Marriage Project is an independent, grassroots initiative by Unificationists started in 2013. Our purpose is to support the vision of the true husband and wife relationship by empowering couples to grow in love. Our main program has been the Energize! Couples Retreat.

In 2015 we launched Pure Mind Online to address the problem of pornography within the Unification community and the world. Our goal is to help singles and couples live lives of sexual integrity by giving them a path to overcome unwanted sexual habits. Pure Mind Online also strives to create a culture of sexual integrity and healthy relationships through family education and community awareness.


If you have any questions at all, please contact
The High Noon Summit is an initiative of the Blessed Marriage Project, an independent 501(c)(3) public charity.