Words from True Parents

High noon settlement is possible when there is no shadow. When the mind and body become one, the shadow disappears. When a couple becomes one, the shadow disappears. When the sun is in the east, the shadow is cast toward the west. When the sun is in the west, the shadow is cast toward the east. Likewise, when the sun is to the south, a shadow will be cast toward the north and vice versa. A shadow can be cast in any of the four directions. However, at high noon, when you stand at the very center, there is no shadow. You should have such relationships with your parents, spouse, children and siblings. Only then can God be positioned as the owner of the eight stages of love. If you are unable to establish a high noon position, the amount of devotion you offer does not matter. Without establishing this high noon position free of shadows, you are not able to be with or go to God, who has no sliver of a shadow, because you are not in a perpendicular position. You should establish such a position in which you cast no shadow for all eternity. (333-155, 2000.09.26) High noon settlement! For this, there should not be any shadow in the four-position foundation. If we can achieve such a state, God will descend and everyone will rejoice. No matter how vast the area, everyone in it will be happy. Thus, you should each become a mother or father, husband or wife, and son or daughter who can find high noon settlement. If you cast a shadow in any of those positions, you will bring all the misfortunes of heaven and earth to take root in your family. These are terrifying words. This is the one formula and model to which we all have to conform. Everything exists in pairs, as part of a four-position foundation. For example, even when you see things with your eyes, you consciously grasp them only when they come into focus through your optic nerves. This is the structure of a four-position foundation. The same can be said of your mouth and your hearing. You can hear sounds only when sound waves resonate through the three semicircular canals in your ears. If there is a gap there that blocks the resonance, you will not hear what is being said. Thus we need to uphold the life philosophy of high noon settlement as we go forward. (333-106, 2000.09.25)
Cheon Seong Gyeong: Book 12 Chapter 3 Section 2

In America, you can watch movies on television 24 hours a day. You can watch any movie you like, be it an action movie, a war movie or a romantic movie. All kinds of movies are aired, even pornographic movies. Adolescents are easily dragged down. Because young people do not have their own philosophy of life or traditional set of values, they act out anything they see. Adolescents watch such images and pursue the exciting side of it, because the environmental conditions that would traditionally restrict them do not exist. That is why, as soon as they see it they instantly act it out. Under such circumstances, this world will not go much further before it completely collapses. Men and women clinging to each other will fall into ruin. Moreover, as people take drugs they literally lose their minds and are degraded to a state devoid of human dignity. How to turn around such an environment is a serious problem. In the future, if we are committed to building an ideal world, we need to delve into the roots of such global problems and resolve them. In light of all these things, the question of how soon we can establish a traditional standard as a new cultural foundation in the field of the arts is very serious. It is the most urgent issue in the cause of uniting the world.
Cham Bumo Gyeong: Book 9 Chapter 4 Section 2

…the fact of the matter is that due to Satan’s influence, adolescent youths today are becoming increasingly egoistic and individualistic. As a consequence, sexual ethics and sexual morality have broken down, giving rise to free sex, sexual crimes, single mothers, abortion, homosexuality, and AIDS. Families that should be sound and healthy are being destroyed, and the crime rate among young people is rising rapidly. Pornography is rampant, and the sex trade along with paid dating is flourishing. (8 Congratulatory Address for the World • Hanmadang Sports Festival 2000 • February 14, 2000, Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, Korea • The Fourth World Hanmadang Sports Festival Opening Ceremony) What do we mean by a moral media? We recognize that human beings have God-given rights and dignity. The preservation of human rights and human dignity needs to be the standard of all ethics and morality. Therefore, the media should stand at the very forefront in the defense of freedom and the crusade against injustice. The media must lead in the fight against totalitarianism. Furthermore, in the service of morality, the media should oppose corruption and racism and vindicate the unjustly accused. A moral media needs to lead the fight against drug abuse, pornography and many other destructive vices of our society. A moral media forms the conscience of society. (20 The Responsibility of the Media in a Divided World • September 21, 1987, Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea • Ninth World Media Conference) …Moral media must lead the fight against drug abuse, pornography and many other destructive vices of our society. Thus the media has to become the conscience of society. (21 Media Standards and Journalistic Accountability • March 23, 1989, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC, USA • Tenth World Media Conference)
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