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The Impact of Personal Testimonies

Can you share your deepest, darkest secret in front of 250 people? Some very brave souls did this at the Summit. They were not forced or coerced, they simply wanted to offer their struggle in the hope of helping others.

The testimonies toward the end of the first day of the summit carried the message home to everyone’s hearts. There was no way to avoid feeling moved by the suffering of someone who is trapped by addiction but wants desperately to be free. No one breaks the cycle of sexual addiction by ‘just saying NO’. Intervention is needed.

There is so much shame and guilt surrounding sexual issues that people tend to hide their struggle, sometimes struggling with it their whole lives. It took a great deal of courage to stand on the stage and be vulnerable to the judgment of a crowd of peers, parents, and church leaders. But judgment did not happen. Understanding, compassion and solidarity happened.


Through understanding the science behind porn addiction we can create a path of hope and healing. By listening to the sincere hearts of our brothers and sisters, children, friends, and parents we can overcome this together, and build a brighter future.


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