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Student Explains Why We Need The Summit

From the back of the conference room, one student was heard saying, “Finally someone is talking about this!” No young person is free from the influences of internet porn. Even if they don’t watch it themselves, they know someone who does, or they’ve been tempted by running across it accidently.

We live in a pornified culture where people don’t even realize how they are being influenced. Everyone seems to have sex on the brain because the media is flaunting it. Those who are trying to uphold heavenly standards for love and relationships are impacted most severely.

In the video above Katayama shares his feelings about the significance of the High Noon Summit. He states that by learning and sharing we can not only understand the danger internet porn poses on society, but also we can share God’s love and hope.

Porn is the new drug, and it is also the front line of battle for people of faith. How can we build God’s kingdom of true love when this scourge of false love is prevailing?

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